Kinder Load Zone Replacement Impact Bars K-Load

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Kinder Load Zone Replacement Impact Bars

The Load Zone™ Replacement Impact Bars. Manufactured now with three enhanced layers of material, designed for maximum energy absorption, reduced rebound and increased wear life.

After more than a year in design and testing analysis, a 19mm-thick layer of UHMW tops specifically formulated, energy-absorbing polyurethane. These layers are secured to a completely reengineered extruded aluminium insert that provides dramatically better support.

Recognising the need to strengthen our bars for use in areas where the force of impact from the material’s weight and size can potentially create the most damage to material handling equipment, a simulation test was conducted using 6350kg of load force to compare the rebound height, or bounce, of average impact bars, and the current and new designs of Argonics’ impact bars.

Key Improvements

  • The UHMW polyethylene layer is now twice as thick as the previous bar, effectively increasing the wear life by 2X
  • The new design compression chamber core has moved to the outside of the bar, providing 24%lower rebound than rubber bars
  • The new aluminium base provides better support while increasing overall strength by 241%


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