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Kinder K-Impact Conveyor Slider Bars

Inquip supplies the market leading Kinder range of belt support products & systems.

Kinder K-Impact Conveyor Slider Bars

K-Impact Conveyor Slider Bars are principally used on load zone conveyor impact cradles and belt support systems. They are designed to be interchangeable and are compatible for use with most types of impact cradles and belt supporting structures. Kinder Australia’s K-Impact Conveyor Slider Bars provide belt support and vital belt protection, whilst offering effective low-friction belt support.The construction of the K-Impact Conveyor Slider Bars uses an advanced composite of rubber or polyurethane body and low friction UHMWPE sliding surface bars with tapered leading edges and rounded corners to protect the belt from potential damage. A moulded aluminium “T” track along the length allows for the purpose fitting Tee bolts. Our range includes slider bar options for light to medium duty 55mm and heavy duty 77mm. The full dimensional details and including T bolt sizes are available on request.K-Impact Conveyor Slider Bars are also available in Fire Resistant and Anti-Static (FRAS) approved bars, available to meet underground coal conveyor applications.


  • Easy installation and removal
  • Rounded edges for belt protection
  • 12mm UHMWPE sliding belt surface
  • Tapered leading edges for bi-directional belts
  • Interchangeable with other makes


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