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Inquip supplies the market leading Kinder range of equipment safety and materials handling products.

To comply with Australian Standards, all conveyors must have guarding for pinch points within reach of operators. Where pinch points on the underside of a conveyor are few and far between, it can be costly to guard the entire return section of the belt, or fiddly to construct a guard at each return roller.

Kinder have developed the K-Protector which is a simple retrofit guard which bolts or clamps to the idler frame. It has quick release guard panels which allow easy access for maintenance and comes in the full range of idler sizes with custom fit options available.

Motor Guards

In many dusty / dirty facilities, the build up dust and debris on equipment motors reduces the cooling efficiency of the motor, causing motor burn out. There is also the occasional impact damage to the motor and fan.

The Kinder Motorshield range is a lightweight durable curved shield manufactured to suit standard IEC frame motor sizes. It covers the full length of the motor and extends past the fan, providing not only protection from falling debris but prevents blockage of the motor cooling flutes down the body of the motor. The close fit to the motor ensures the airflow generated by the fan is directed down the full body of the motor, improving airflow and heat transfer by 40%.

Metal Detectors and Separator

In most conveying applications there are times when metal items (maintenance tools, loose bolts, brackets, ground engaging tools, teeth etc) inadvertently find their way onto conveyors. These metal objects need to be removed before they damage downstream equipment or contaminate product.

Metal Detectors

Magnetic search coils are located below the belt of a non-magnetic product. They detect the presence of metallic objects in the conveyed material above and send a close signal for the site system to activate corrective measures.

Magnetic Separators

Permanent Magnet plates attract unwanted ferrous material from the material stream. Removal/cleaning of the magnet is manual and periodical. Electromagnetic Separators with/without automatic cleaning Magnetic Pulleys attract ferrous materials as they pass over the drum, preventing it from following the product into the conveyor outlet stream. When the belt moves past the drum, the magnetic effect is lost and the ferrous material drops off the belt into a strategically located debris chute.

Motor Shield

Ensure your electric drive motors keep performing efficiently and last longer with K-MotorShield Motor Covers, so you can spend more time processing.

K-MotorShield prevents damaging temperature increases caused by blocked airflow. A motor fitted with K-MotorShield achieves higher airflow though the cooling fins. Dirt and dust particles are pushed through the fins while heavy contaminants, like coal slurry, settle on top of the cover, not in your cooling fins.

Designed in light weight yet durable materials able to withstand conditions in a wide range of bulk materials handling applications, K-MotorShield Motor Covers will prevent environmental debris and particles destroying bearings, windings and brushes on drive motors.

 Motor Sheild 


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