Anti-Wear Elbows

Inquip supplies the market leading WAM range of anti-wear elbow products.

Extracurve Anti-Wear Wide Radius Pipe Elbows

Suitable for pneumatic conveying in suspension (dilute phase) of abrasive powders or granular materials. Used on pneumatic conveying lines at 1.5 bar (22 PSI). The body is manufactured from engineering polymer SINTβ„’. The special shape and the SINTβ„’ engineering polymer confer notable flexibility of the elbow.


  • Great resistance to wear
  • No risk of compacting
  • Special features of the conveyed material are retained
  • Hardly any heating of the conveyed material thanks to low friction of the polymer
  • Considerable reduction of load loss with a significant saving of pneumatic energy for transport.

Extrabend Anti-Wear Elbows

Extrabend Anti-Wear Elbows are suitable for conveying in suspension (dilute phase) of abrasive powdery or granular materials. They are employed as 90ΒΊ pipe connections on silo filling pipes or on low-pressure pneumatic conveying lines up to 1.5 bar (22 PSI).

Within the concavity, a β€œcushion” air and material is formed that enables the flow of product to be diverted without any violent blows on the walls of the Elbow.

The special geometry and the use of engineering- polymers provide the Elbow with a considerable degree of elasticity.


  • reduction in space required
  • extremely lightweight design
  • resistance to wear
  • no risk of packing under pressure
  • retaining the particular characteristics of the material
  • insignificant heating of the materials due to less wear of the engineering convey polymer
  • high reduction in load losses, thus significant saving in compressed air used for conveying
WAM Extracurve elbow


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