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Lean Phase Pneumatic Conveying

Inquip provide Lean phase Pneumatic Conveying solutions for the moving of materials that are not suited to Dense phase Conveying.

It is extremely important to know the characteristics of your products that are going to be conveyed before choosing your pneumatic conveying system. Dry products such as powder, granules, pellets, sand and flakes can generally be conveyed pneumatically.

Lean also known as dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems are suited for conveying low to moderate capacity materials over medium distances, from multiple points to a single destination, this includes dehydrated, granular, and non-abrasive powdery materials and applications.

Lean phase pneumatic conveying is versatile and adaptable, their low operating pressures allow less expensive fittings to be used. Other benefits include the ability to convey a large range of materials and lean phase pneumatic conveying is suitable for materials that vary in particle size, shape, and density. Examples of materials that would be used in a lean phase pneumatic conveying system are flour, clay, coal dust, dry bulk materials that cannot de degraded or it does not matter if they are.   

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