Kinder K-Ergo Swift Return Idler Frame

The K-Ergo Swift Return Idler Frame’s sturdy locking mechanism can be fully disengaged from one side of the frame.

Kinder K-Ergo Swift Return Idler

Kinder’s K-Ergo Swift Return Idler Frame is ideal for conveyors which have maintenance access from one side and can be custom built to suit a range of belt widths. With seamless roller change-outs made quick and easy due to access only being required on one side of the conveyor. The flip-down design eliminates the need for belt jacks as the belt does not need to be raised out of the way to lower the frame.

Features / Benefits

  • Fully Galvanised frame
  • Allows for single side access and roller changeout.
  • Provides safer and quicker manual handling
  • Custom flat return, vee return and trough side designs are also available.

The dual function ergonomic handle allows for easy lowering and raising of the idler frame. The incorporation of a level pick arm fully assist with removal of the roller from the cassette.


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