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Tonkin Highway – Northlink Project

Inquip was commissioned to install a WETMIX V05 dust collector to help to reduce the dust emissions.

As part of the early upgrade to the Tonkin Highway – Northlink Project one of the WA asphalt producers needed to reduce the dust emissions from the processing of the quarry aggregate to meet EPA guidelines. Where the plant itself was very high tech and produced asphalt to a high quality and with low emissions the volume of discharge of waste quarry dust from the kiln dust collector was too much to be re entrained in the mix and had to be disposed of. The discharge screw created plumes of dust around the plant rendering it impossible to work near yet alone meet EPA standards.

Dust collector handling in action. Play video 🎥

Project Requirements

Upon a previous site visit to assist with some other matters Inquip had noticed the dust discharge and advised that they had a piece of equipment suitable if extracted volumes of dust were too much. Inquip ordered a WETMIX V05 unit into local stock in anticipation of the “dust storm” to come.


When the worst happened Inquip had the unit to site the next day and assisted with mounting and plumbing guidelines.

When the plant was restarted with the Wetmix in place the customer said the unit was “Sensational – does what it says on the tin”.


The Wetmix – or Dustfix for larger dust flows in now common plant installed at all plants in WA.

Equipment Used

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