Demonstrating the importance and ease of Industrial Vibrators & Flow Aids

Inquip specialises in providing solutions by improving process efficiency in various sectors with our knowledge and expertise in industrial vibrators and flow aids.

Inquip has been supplying vibrating motors to the civil and precast concrete industry for many years, including to the manufacturers of bridge beams – precast concrete pipe and form as well as site form and civil construction.


The application of vibration to a mould is complex, as there are many variables. To optimise performance for a given application, it takes an understanding of all factors involved. Furthermore, to improve the quality of product flow, the knowledge to provide a suitable industrial electric vibrator based on specific requirements is essential.

Together with the engineers at OLI Vibrating Motors, Inquip review given applications and requirements and then provide recommendations for the placement of vibrating motors. Together with our sister company, Automation & Control – Inquip present a full package of vibrating motors and multi-point variable speed controls.


Our team provide on-site and in-house training for the site operators, providing complete service to our industry-based customers so they can proceed with confidence, knowing they have the right product as well as the right ongoing support.


Inquip industrial vibrator demo

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