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WAM Silo Closure Butterfly Valves – VFF

VFF Carbon Steel Butterfly Valves are used to shut off the outlets of building material silos. Their sturdy design allows easy and quick installation.

WAM VFF Butterfly Valve shut off the outlets of building material silos. Quick & Easy Installation

The V2FF valve model can be supplied with square top flange and round bottom flange or with round top and bottom flange, one of which can be pivoting on request. Connection with the feeder unit below is always of the rigid type.

The special geometry of the gasket and the characteristics of the engineering polymer which it is made of ensure a perfect sealing, as well as excellent resistance to wear. Both valve models are activated by CM2 or CM4-type manual levers


  • Carbon steel frame and disc
  • SINT engineering polymer lining adapted to valve disc
  • Few components


  • Special dust-tight seal geometry
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Easy to fit
  • Ex-stock delivery


  • Square top flange, circular bottom flange
  • Identical circular top and bottom flange
  • Rotating bottom flange


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