WAM Pneumatic Rotary Actuator – CPU

Easy, compact, simple with three degrees of precision.

WAM Pneumatic Rotary Actuator CPU

CPU Pneumatic Rotary Actuators are suitable for 90-degree opening and closing of WAM Butterfly Valves, WAM VSS-type Ball Segment Valves, as well as WAM DVA-type Diverter Flap Valves.

CPU actuators come with splined shaft coupling bush according to DIN 5482

Operating pressure amounts to 2 ~ 8 bar (29 ~ 116 PSI).


  • Easy cleaning due to new compact, smooth surface design
  • New signalling system options available
  • Easy adjustment of the signalling system due to new cam design
  • Quick installation due to plug-in supply
  • Improved industrial processes due to increased speed (absence of connection tubes between actuator and solenoid valve eliminates tube leakage problems)
  • Reduced overall dimensions

Options & Accessories

  • ATEX-versions
  • Mechanical and inductive limit switches
  • Electronic Positioner
  • 5/2 NAMUR solenoid valves
  • Solenoid coils


  • CPU 064
  • CPU 102
  • CPU 127

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