WAM Manual Hand Wheel Actuator – CMG

Suitable for various WAMGROUP valves.

Manual Hand Wheel Actuator – CMG

CMG-type Hand Wheel Actuators are suitable for manually opening and closing VLQ, VLC, VLR and VDI-type Slide Valves.

CM actuators come with splined shaft coupling bush according to DIN 5482.


  • Sturdy, durable compact design
  • Interchangeable with other WAM Actuators
  • Matchless cost effectiveness due to mass production


  • CMG/CMGA 0150I
  • CMG/CMGA 0200I
  • CMG/CMGA 0250I
  • CMG/CMGA 0300I
  • CMG/CMGA 0350I
  • CMG/CMGA 0400I

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