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WAM Live Bin Bottoms – MU

MU Live Bin Bottoms are the ideal solution for discharging particularly difficult materials from polygonal hoppers or silos.

WAM Live Bin Bottoms - MU

MU Live Bin Bottoms (Multiple Screw Feeders) are equipped with a modular trough which encloses up to 6 shafted helicoid flight or paddle screws, externally flanged, fully protected end bearing assemblies complete with manually adjustable packing gland and shaft seal, a rectangular outlet spout covering the entire width of the bin bottom, bolted end plates, splined shaft couplings for medium heavy-duty, and flanged shaft couplings for the heavy-duty version.

Furthermore, MU Live Bin Bottoms are equipped with one gear motor per screw shaft or, depending on the application, with a drive unit driving more screws.


  • Robust design
  • Screw diameter: 150 ~ 600 mm (6 ~ 24 in)
  • Up to six screws in one trough
  • Open trough length ranging from 1,500 to 4,000 mm (5 ~ 13 ft)
  • Trough housing and screws manufactured from carbon steel, stainless steel or SINT engineering polymer (screws only)
  • For certain applications screws and trough lining manufactured from SINT engineering polymer
  • Medium heavy-duty or extra heavy-duty helicoid flight screws or paddle screws
  • Medium heavy-duty or extra heavy-duty trough in modular flanged sections
  • Vertical outlet spout with rectangular cross section or open trough flush outlet both with integrated, drilled WAM standard flanges
  • Robust flanged cast iron end bearing assemblies with external bearings and manually adjustable packed gland seals
  • Splined shaft couplings (medium heavy-duty); flanged shaft couplings (extra heavy-duty)
  • Independent direct compact gear motor drive for each screw


  • Promotes mass flow
  • Gives widest possible material extraction surface
  • Avoids bridging
  • Avoids segregation
  • Provides constant material extracting and feeding even with most difficult materials
  • Constant feed rates
  • Modular design enabling easy access and individual design features
  • High degree of self-cleaning

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