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TOREX ZX – Ship & Stockpile Loading Bellows

Developed for efficient dust-free loading of ships and unloading to a stockpile of powders and granular materials.

Torex ZX Ship Stockpile Loading Bellows For Dry Materials

ZX Loading Bellows ensure efficient, dust-controlled discharging of dry, dusty bulk solids into ships, barges, or stockpiles.

During operation the Loading Bellows are lowered from their stand-by position down towards the ship hold or stockpile. When the bellows outlet touches the ground, a slack cable switch mounted outside the transmission box stops lowering of the bellows. The limit switch inside the transmission box stops both the full extension and contraction of the bellows. Material loading starts by opening the silo outlet valve. Once the loading chute is fully contracted, the cable limit switch inside the transmission box stops operation.

  • Inlet diameter of 500mm (20 inch).
  • Throughput capacity up 850m³ / hr (500 CFM)
  • ATEX Zone 20-22 and 20-21 versions available.
  • Operating temperatures from -40°C to 150°C.
  • Offers excellent dust free outloading due its its specifically designed bottom skirt.
  • Lifting cables are located outside of the material flow to avoid and wear or flow obstruction.
  • Available with single wall bellows or double wall bellows.
  • Control Panel, Junction Box and Remote Control Pendant options.


  • Inlet diameter: 500 mm (19.6 in)
  • Maximum throughput rate: 850 m3/h (500 cfm)
  • Operating temperature: -40 ~ 150 °C (-40 ~ 300 °F)


  • Excellent dust-free loading due to special bottom skirt design
  • Two lifting cables outside material flow raising and lowering the loading bellows without cable wear by material friction and obstruction to material flow
  • Two level indicators outside material flow


  • Building and Construction
  • Heavy industries
  • Port technology
  • Minerals and mining


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