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TOREX ZQ – High Capacity Loading Bellows

The TOREX ZQ High Capacity Ship and Stockpile telescopic loading chutes range have been developed for efficient dust free loading of ships, barges or stockpiling.

ZQ Loading Bellows are the perfect solution for high capacity, dust-free loading of ships, barges or stockpiles.

  • Excellent dust-free loading
  • Extremely short loading time
  • 3 level indicators outside material flow

ZQ Loading Bellows are used for efficient discharging of powders or granular materials into ship or barge holds, or open stockpiles.
ZQ Loading Bellows are equipped with internal cones for perfect channelling of the material flow and external bellows for dust extraction.


ZQ Loading Bellows are suitable for high capacities and dust-free loading of ships, barges or stockpiles.
Bellows retraction is controlled by an electric winch.
The unit can be connected to a central dust collector on site via a lateral flanged spigot in the upper head.

  • Inlet diameter: 800 mm (32 in)
  • Maximum capacity: 1,800 m3/h (1,060 cfm)
  • Maximum extension: 30 m (98.4 ft
  • Operating temperature: -20 ~ 150 °C (-4 ~ 300 °F)


  • Excellent dust-free loading thanks to special bottom skirt design
  • Large capacity enables material loading in a short time
  • 3 off external lifting cables not in contact with material flow extending/retracting the loader obstruction and wear-free
  • 3 off ILT-type level indicators outside material flow


  • Various chute and fabrication materials available according to material handled
  • Control panel with wireless remote control


  • Cement, Lime, Gypsum, Minerals, Refractory Products Processing
  • Crushing, Mining, Quarry, Screening, Micronizing Plants
  • Port Technology + Large Size Bulk Solids Storage & Handling Plants


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