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TOREX EXTRACURVE – Wide Radius Anti-Wear Pipe Elbows

Also known as wear bends, these are manufactured from innovative, highly wear-resistant SINT engineering polymer.

Torex EXTRACURVE - Wide Radius Anti-Wear

Suitable for pneumatic conveying in suspension (dilute phase) of abrasive powders or granular materials. Used on pneumatic conveying lines at 1.5 bar (22 PSI). The body is manufactured from engineering polymer SINT™. The special shape and the SINT™ engineering polymer confer notable flexibility of the elbow.


  • SINT engineering polymer-cast body design
  • Wide material impact zone
  • SINT versions for plastic pellets,  granules, sand  and fine, abrasive or chemically highly aggressive powders
  • PN-type connecting flanges
  • Higher resistance to wear than traditional carbon or stainless steel pipe elbows
  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Particularly suitable for retrofitting
  • Reduced noise level
  • Easy disposal
  • For both vacuum and positive pressure conveying, as well as low density dilute phase pneumatic conveying
  • No material contamination
  • No risk of mechanical degradation or biochemical decomposition of the material


  • Great resistance to wear
  • No risk of compacting
  • Special features of the conveyed material are retained
  • Hardly any heating of the conveyed material thanks to low friction of the polymer
  • Considerable reduction of load loss with a significant saving of pneumatic energy for transport.


  • EWM200: 2″ EXTRACURVE™
  • EWM300: 3″ EXTRACURVE™
  • EWM400: 4″ EXTRACURVE™


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