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OLI U0251N & U0601N Nozzle Aerators

Fluidisation nozzles also known as aerator nozzles represent the most economic solution to ensure material flow from silos, bins or hoppers.

Oli U Fluidisation Nozzles

The small footprint of the U025 and U060 makes them particularly suitable for retrofitting. An Engineered polymer casing, co-moulded with a sintered nozzle (brass on the U025, polyethylene on U60) has to be screwed onto a supplied steel nipple which previously has to be welded on the outside of the silo, bin or weigh hopper cone. The nozzles have a compact design with easy maintenance making them ideal for industries such as building & construction and plants & machinery.


Fluidization nozzles U025 are used at operating pressures of 0.2 Bar (14 PSI), while U060 at 1 Bar (14 PSI).

Installation is very simple: the plastic insert with the sintered nozzle is supplied with a ring that has to be welded to the surface of the silo walls, which must have been previously drilled. Subsequently it will be necessary to connect to a compressed air supply line.

The installation from the outside makes the U025 / U060 particularly suitable for retro-fitting.


The fluidisation nozzles U025 and U060 are used in silos and hoppers with very fine and dry powders.


  • Easy installation, even on existing systems
  • Facilitated maintenance
  • Compact design
  • Operating temperature from -20 ° C to 80 ° C


  • Building & Construction
  • Feed & Food
  • Plastics & Chemicals
  • Heavy Industries
  • Plants & Machinery
  • Environmental Technology
PhotoCodeModelDescriptionWeight (kgs)Weight (lbs)
Oli U025 Fluidisation NozzleU0251NUAerator nozzle Ø 1″ Bsp12
Oli U Fluidisation NozzlesU0601NUAerator nozzle Ø 2″ Bsp37
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