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OLI Single Impact Pneumatic Hammer PS

The PS Series hammers produce a high impact force, through a single impact between the internal piston and the metal base welded on the walls of silos and hoppers.

Oli PS Single Impact Pneumatic Hammer Designed To Prevent Bridges And Rat Holes In Silos And Hoppers.

MARTSHOCK PS Single Impact Pneumatic Hammers produce a shockwave generated by a single impact of an internal piston on the metallic base welded on the , or wall. This action is particularly efficient if the powder at issue tends to pack under pressure or stick to the or wall. Moreover, MARTSHOCK PS is an efficient solution against bridging or rat-holing problems.
MARTSHOCK PS Single Impact Pneumatic Hammers are particularly suitable retrofitting existing cones or hoppers since of the or drilling of the wall is not required.

Operation should be intermittent at a pressure ranging from 3 to 6 bar (44 ~ 87 PSI).

When operating multiple hammers, those at the bottom should be activated first, moving progressively upwards at regular intervals to the remaining ones.   

MARTSHOCK PS robust design is suitable both outdoor indoor application. External body parts are manufactured from galvanized steel POM.

MARTSHOCK PS are supplied with a mounting plate, which has to be welded on the or wall, as well as a safety chain preventing accidental dropping during installation or maintenance.


  • Compact design with integrated valve
  • High performance
  • Easy installation
  • Suitable for operation in potentially explosive atmospheres


  • Coils available in different voltages from 24 V both DC and AC to 230 V (ATEX)
  • Noise reduction and ATEX KIT plate (ATEX II3D cT(x))
  • Timer to adjust period of the blast (min 30 sec)
  • Fully pneumatic kit


  • Building & Construction
  • Feed & Food
  • Plastics & Chemicals
  • Heavy Industries
  • Plants & Machinery
  • Environmental Technology
CodeModelDescriptionWeight (kg)Weight (lb)
PS040EA4PS040With assembly plate A7.616.7
PS040EB4PS040With assembly plate B613.2
PS040EB4WPS040Without assembly plate4.810.7
PS063EA4PS063With assembly plate A16.837
PS063EB4PS063With assembly plate B1430.8
PS063EB4WPS063Without assembly plate1226.4
PS080EA4PS080With assembly plate A26.558.4
PS080EB4PS080With assembly plate B2146.2



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