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OLI High Frequency Vibrator with Pistol Grip – VHPG

High frequency internal electric vibrators for concrete consolidation characterised by high performance, consistent speeds, and remarkable resistance to abrasion.

OLI Poker Pistol Grip VHPG

For Thin layers of concrete, such as floors or slabs, a short, light and manoeuvrable vibrator is needed. For all these cases, the ideal solution is to use a pistol grip poker.

Through a switch located in the pistol, the operator is able to activate and deactivate the vibrator as needed and move easily on the construction site.

The highest level of safety is ensured through a low voltage needle (42V) as well as perfect compaction and aesthetic results are obtained thanks to the high speed (12,000 vpm).


  • Compact Solution
  • Lightweight
  • Long life of the vibrator head


  • Vibrating needle diameter: 38 ~ 50 ~ 59 mm
  • Vibration amplitude: 1.8 ~ 2.0 ~ 2.3 mm
  • Centrifugal force: 1,700 ~ 3,080 ~ 4560 N
  • Grip with cable protection, green colour IP54 protection


  • VHPG 38
  • VHPG 50
  • VHPG 59


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