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OLI External High Frequency Electric Vibrating Motors (Motovibrator) – MVE-HF

Efficient and easy to install high-frequency vibrators designed for concrete casting.

OLI External high frequency electric vibrating motors - MVE-HF

High frequency electric vibrators are used in construction sites and in precast manufacturing plants to obtain high-quality products (exposed concrete), with excellent aesthetic results and weather resistance. The vibration is transmitted to the concrete indirectly through formworks or mold.

OLI high frequency electric vibrating motors for outdoor use are characterised by high operating efficiency and ease of installation.

Specially designed fasteners (quick-fit terminals) reduce installation and repositioning time.

Used both in prefabrication plants and on construction sites, high frequency electric vibrating motors are the ideal solution for obtaining optimal results in compacting concrete.

When the MVE is switched on a sinusoidal centrifugal force is provided by rotation of the eccentric weights. With only one MVE fitted on a vibrating machine a rotating force is provided resulting in a circular movement of the machine. Two counter-rotating MVE fitted in parallel on the same machine provide a linear force resulting in a linear movement of the machine. The requirement of circular or linear movement depends on the application.


Vibration applied from outside the concrete is recommended when:

  • A high density of reinforcement is required inside the housing.
  • The construction elements to be vibrated are high or narrow (dividing walls, columns, beams), therefore difficult or impossible to vibrate with internal vibration systems.

High frequency electric vibrators are used on construction sites and for precast concrete parts where it is necessary to obtain excellent aesthetic results and resistance to atmospheric agents (exposed concrete).


  • Robust design, built to last
  • High operational efficiency
  • Easy to install


Thanks to the possibility of being powered at different frequencies, the MVE-HF series OLI vibrators work far from the resonant frequency of the structure to which they are applied; in this way you avoid the risk of damaging the formwork or the mold (as well as the vibrator itself).

Furthermore, the masses of the MVE-HF can be adjusted in order to generate different centrifugal forces, so as to allow the customer to obtain the perfect configuration based on the type of concrete used. The result will be perfect compaction, both from a structural and aesthetic point of view.

  • Use cycle: S1 continuous
  • Multivoltage: 3ph 42V – 3ph 230 / 400V (* tolerance ± 10%)
  • Fixed frequency: 50Hz and 200Hz
  • Variable frequency: 0 ÷ 100Hz
  • Operating temperature: -10 ° C / +40 ° C
  • Maximum noise: 85 dB (A) at 1 m distance
  • Material: cast aluminum or iron
  • Finish: painted.


CodeModelDescriptionFixingWeight (Kg)
EN40029010A0AA0000MVE 290/6N-HF-10A042V 200HzFeet5
EN40029010A0AA0020MVE 290/6N-HF-10A042V 200Hz+15m cable+plugFeet7
EN40029010A09A0000MVE 290/6N-HF-10A0220-240/400-460 200HzFeet5
EN40153038E0BA0000MVE1530/6N-HF-38-E0220-240/400-460 200HzFeet15
EN40153038E0AA0000MVE1530/6N-HF-38-E042V 200HzFeet15
EN20130050A0HB0000MVE 1300/6N-HF-50A0220-240/400-460 0-100HzFeet23
EN20130053A0HB0000MVE 1300/6N-HF-53A0220-240/400-460 0-100HzFeet23
EN20200053A0HA0000MVE 2000/6N-HF-53A0220-240/400-460 0-100HzFeet23
EN20200053A0GA0000MVE 2000/6N-HF-53A042V 100 HzFeet23
EN40240053A0BA0000MVE 2400/6N-HF-53A0220-240/400-460 0-200HzFeet24
EN40240053A0AA0000MVE 2400/6N-HF-53A042V 200HzFeet24
CN40153038A0BA0000MVE 1530/6N-HC-38A0220-240/400-460 0-200HzCradle12
CN40153038A0AA0000MVE 1530/6N-HC-38A042V 200HzCradle12
CN20130050A0HB0000MVE 1300/6N-HC-50A0220-240/400-460 0-100HzCradle28
CN20200050A0HA0000MVE 2000/6N-HC-50A0220-240/400-460 0-100HzCradle28
CN20200050A0GA0000MVE 2000/6N-HC-50A0220-240/400-460 0-100HzCradle28
CN40200050A0BA0000MVE 2000/6N-HC-50A0220-240/400-460 0-200HzCradle28
CN40200050A0AA0000MVE 2000/6N-HC-50A042V 200HzCradle28
High Frequency Electric Motovibrators 6000 Rpm.
CodeModelDescriptionFixingWeigh (Kg)
EN20200053A0EA0000MVE 2000/9N-HF-53A0220-240/400-460 0-150HzFeet30
EN20200053A0DA0000MVE 2000/9N-HF-53A042V 150HzFeet30
CN20200050A0EA0000MVE 2000/9N-HC-50A0220-240/400-460 0-150HzCradle30
CN20200050A0DA0000MVE 2000/9N-HC-50A042V 150HzCradle30
High Frequency Electric Motovibrators 9000 Rpm.


  • Power cord
  • Clamps for fixing:
    • CLW: Clamp for wooden formwork;
    • CLS: Clamp for steel formwork.


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