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OLI Flanged Vibrators (Motovibrators) MVE-F

Vibrators for circular vibrating machines and circular sieves

OLI Flanged Motovibrators MVE-F

Providing from 200 kg to 3500 Kg of centrifugal force with 2, 4 or 6 poles, the Standard “S” series and the Industrial “I” series of vibrating motors are suitable for all kinds of vibrating sieves.

S and I Flanged Vibrating motors are used on vibrating sieves for solid-liquid separation or solid-solid sizing purpose.


  • Centrifugal force: 200 ~ 3,500 kg
  • Windings impregnated under vacuum with class F insulating materials
  • Premium quality bearings
  • Case designed by FEMA


  • Wide range of centrifugal force covering all possible applications
  • Multiple voltages corresponding to electrical specifications worldwide
  • Easy motor installation

MVE “S” Sieves Series

Specifically designed and optimised for circular sieve applications.

The “S” series flanged electric vibrators (sieves) consist of an electric motor housed in a die-cast housing designed by FEMA, with eccentric weights mounted on both ends of the shaft.

The MVE-F “S” series have been specially designed and optimized for circular sieve applications, with the aim of improving the overall performance of the application.

Wm (kgcm)ModelPoles
96MVE 450/3E-SL-40AD AMVE 450/36E-SL-40AD A2
96MVE 500/3E-SL-40AD AMVE 500/36E-SL-40AD A2
2215MVE 1100/3E-SL-50AE AMVE 1100/36E-SL-50AE A2
2920MVE 1500/3E-SL-60AF AMVE 1500/36E-SL-60AF A2
2920MVE 1500/3E-SL-60BR AMVE 1500/36E-SL-60BR A2
3222MVE 500/15E-SL-40AD AMVE 500/18E-SL-40AD A4
6243MVE 800/15E-SL-50AE AMVE 800/18E-SL-50AE A4
8559MVE 1100/15E-SL-50AF AMVE 1100/18E-SL-50AF A4
8559MVE 1100/15E-SL-50AG AMVE 1100/18E-SL-50AG A4
12382MVE 1500/15E-SL-60AF AMVE 1500/18E-SL-60AF A4
12382MVE 1500/15E-SL-60BR AMVE 1500/18E-SL-60BR A4
3232MVE 180/1E-SL-40AD AMVE 260/12E-SL-40AD A6
123123MVE 700/1E-SL-50AF AMVE 1000/12E-SL-50AF A6
123123MVE 700/1E-SL-50AG AMVE 1000/12E-SL-50AG A6
162162MVE 900/1E-SL-60AF AMVE 1300/12E-SL-60AF A6

MVE “I” Industrial Series

Developed for any industrial application.

The “I” (Industrial) series consists of an electric motor housed in a cast casing designed by FEMA, with eccentric weights mounted on both ends of the shaft.

The MVE-F series “I” flanged vibrators have been designed and optimized with the aim of reducing maintenance costs and consequently machine shutdown times.

Wm (kgcm)ModelPoles
140107MVE 2000/15N-IL-60AF AMVE 2000/18N-IL-60AF A4
196139MVE 2500/15N-IL-70AM AMVE 2500/18N-IL-70AM A4
294196MVE 3500/15N-IL-75AM AMVE 3500/18N-IL-75AM A4
140140MVE 785/1N-IL-60AF AMVE 1200/12N-IL-60AF A6
196196MVE 1100/1N-IL-70AM AMVE 1600/12N-IL-70AM A6
294294MVE 1600/1N-IL-70AM AMVE 2400/12N-IL-70AM A6
372372MVE 2100/1N-IL-75AM AMVE 3000/12N-IL-75AM A6
140107MVE 2000/15N-IC-60AM AMVE 2000/18N-IC-60AM A4
196139MVE 2500/15N-IC-70AM AMVE 2500/18N-IC-70AM A4
294196MVE 3500/15N-IC-75AX AMVE 3500/18N-IC-75AX A4
140140MVE 785/1N-IC-60AM AMVE 1200/12N-IC-60AM A6
196196MVE 1100/1N-IC-70AM AMVE 1600/12N-IC-70AM A6
294294MVE 1600/1N-IC-70AM AMVE 2400/12N-IC-70AM A6
372372MVE 2100/1N-IC-75AX AMVE 3000/12N-IC-75AX A6
199139MVE 2500/15E-ID-75 CMVE 2500/18E-ID-75 C4
199139MVE 1100/1E-ID-75 CMVE 1100/12E-ID-75 C6


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