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Inquip supplies a large range of Magna Wear & Repair products.


The Magna range prevents hazardous liquid and bulk solid leakages by providing a quick and easy repair for worn-out steel equipment on mining plants.

Often corrosive materials produce a significant hazard in minerals processing plants, which operators are required to control. This combined with Australia’s harsh environmental conditions, can mean operators are often required to perform a plant shutdown until permanent solutions and fixes can be provided which is a long and costly process for the plant.

Kinder Australia has provided a solution that can reduce the wait time of a permanent repair, without the compromise of a plant shutdown through their Magna range solutions. Each of the products are specifically designed to prevent common causes of wear on processing plants which includes leakages of toxic chemical materials that are hazardous to staff if exposed. These products have also been developed and created with safety in mind. For example, instead of having to wait for a tank that has a leak, to be emptied, the Magna-Seal which can be applied from a distance and does not need to be applied by hand. Rods, poles and even the use of a broom handle can apply the leak patch. Ensuring complete safety for the operators.

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