K-Shield Impact Belt Support System

Inquip supply, install and maintain the Kinder range of impact beds, designed for durability and efficiency.

Kinder K-impact Impact Bed Belt Support Bed Improve Material Containment At High Impact Conveyor Transfer Points.

Impact beds are used in place of rollers and idlers to improve material containment at high impact conveyor transfer points. The rigid cradle provides extra support under the moving conveyor belt, stabilising the load at the transfer point. This allows the skirting and seals to work more efficiently, preventing belt edge sag and spillage which can result in expensive and timely maintenance and labour costs.

Inquip’s supply of Kinder’s K-Shield Impact Beds have no moving parts, meaning there are no moving parts that will fail, removing the need for continual maintenance. These impact beds form a continual seal, protecting the belt from pre-mature failure caused by pinch point damage, and smooth curved troughs that support the entire surface of the belt, mitigating the risk of belt punctures and tears.


  • No moving parts (on selected models)
  • Energy absorbing Impact Bars
  • Modular design
  • Fire Resistant Anti Static (FRAS) available
  • Fixed wings for effective skirting
  • Low friction UHMWPE Slider rails
  • Available in all belt widths


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