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Damon Gravity Roller Conveyors

Inquip supplies the range of Damon Gravity Conveyor and Roller products.

Damon Gravity Conveyor & Rollers

We offer a wide range of conveyors and products for your conveyor system whether it be a basic gravity feed, or high end fully automated system, focusing on providing high-quality products and cost effective solutions. 

Damon manufacture a vast range of conveyor rollers from light duty PVC rollers to heavy duty pallet handling rollers. Damon manufacture conveyor rollers in various materials such as PVC, Mild Steel Raw, Galvanised or Zinc Plated and also in Gr.304 Stainless Steel.

There are various size shafts on offer in the conveyor rollers, ranging in diameters as small as 6mm up to 20mm. Options include machined shafts for conveyor rollers including flats, split pin holes, slotted ends or threaded ends, to name a few, or we can manufacture your conveyor rollers with an 11mm hexagon shaft in some of our conveyor roller series. We also offer gravity conveyor rollers, driven conveyor rollers with ‘O’ ring grooves on the tube or ‘O’ ring drive heads, Poly Vee driven conveyor rollers, fixed plastic or steel sprocket conveyor rollers, plastic sprocket friction accumulation conveyor rollers, tapered conveyor rollers or split conveyor rollers for conveyor curves and various other conveyor rollers.

Damon conveyor rollers are made to the highest standards keeping in line with the vision of providing safe, high quality, cost effective and great service for your conveyor rollers, conveyor modules, and components.

A made to order service is available to provide the option of manufacturing conveyor rollers in increments of 1mm to suit your exact requirements. 


  • Gravity Roller Conveyor
  • Gravity Wheel Conveyor
  • Gravity Ball Transfer Table
  • Extendable Conveyor
  • Line Shaft Conveyor
  • Live Roller Conveyor
  • Belt Conveyor
  • Easy Conveyor
  • Pallet Conveyor Module
  • Skewed Roller Conveyor
  • Tangential Conveyor
  • Accumulation Roller
  • Break Roller
  • Drive Roller
  • Gravity Roller
  • Tapered Roller


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