Supplying, distributing and installing market-leading bulk materials handling products for use in the Water Treatment, Concrete Batching, Mining and Manufacturing industries

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Founded in 1985, Kinder Australia has a company history of delivering quality, fairness, and innovative thinking as its business drivers. Specialising in all things conveyors, flow & anti-wear products and magnetic separators. Every member of their team takes pride in delivering practical and productive solutions.


DAMON Australia was founded in 1997 with the focus of development for logistics automation technology, product manufacturing and customer service. Leading Damon to grow to be the largest sorter and conveyor system manufacturer in China. Catering to the needs of many industries through their specialised designs and manufacturing of intelligent conveyor systems that are created to the highest of standards. Damon offers an extensive range of sortation system equipment and conveyor systems to suit the requirements in your industry sector.

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WAMGROUP is the global market leading and holds top-ranking positions in each of its product lines in the field of Bulk Solids Handling and Processing. Established in 1968 as a one-man operation to manufacture cement screw conveyors for concrete batching plants. Today WAMGROUP have 20 manufacturing plants, over 2100 employees worldwide and have created a range of new divisions for various industries including waste water handling equipment, rotary valves and industrial mixers.

The WAM brand, which gave the Group its name. stands for designing and manufacturing screw conveyors, dust collectors and intercepting valves for powders and granular materials. WAM has been represented in Australia by its own subsidiary since 1997. Responsible for distribution of the bulk solids handling and processing product range in Australia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, and parts of Micronesia. It is the goal of WAM Australia to provide with quality products that are specifically tailored to the different needs of a variety of industries.

OLI is the international leader in industrial vibration technology. The OLI brand stands for mass-produced industrial vibrators applied in a variety of industries and applications. The OLI vibrating equipment and flow aids are successfully used worldwide because of the long-term durability and high level of precision. OLI products include the manufacturing of external electric vibrators, micro-vibrators, pneumatic vibrators, vibrating bin aerators, externally mounted vibrators, air cannons and pneumatic hammer and hammer blasts as well as fluidisation nozzles and pads.

Since becoming a member of WAMGROUP IN 1998, The RONCUZZI brand stands for over a hundred years of expertise in developing and manufacturing conveyors and components with industrial mixers, driers, Archimedean water screw pumps, and hydrodynamic screws for renewable energy generation. Transforming its vast knowledge of products into a user friendly, cost-effective standard which includes a variety of options and accessories.

Established in 1994, VISAM has been dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and marketing electric vibrators for industrial applications requiring high performance and reliability becoming a part of the OLI Group in 2013, the VISAM brand stands for expertise in vibration technology and the ability to provide specific customised solutions. Priding themselves on their commitment to creating top quality materials for the most demanding applications, VISAM as of 2017 is distributed in more than 50 countries.

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The MAP division of WAMGROUP stands for mixing technology applied in various applications and industries. The vast style of mixers include single shaft, ribbon blenders, twin shaft paddle mixers, dust conditioners and laboratory mixers, mortar mixers and pneumatic conveying systems. Creating solutions for many industries including foods, animal feed, building materials and minerals, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and environmental technology.


The SILOFAB brand is known for designing and manufacturing modular storage systems for inert materials through innovative market-oriented equipment for storage of powdery and granular materials.

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The SPECO brand stands for innovative, industrially manufactured wastewater treatment machines and equipment. This includes products such as FIBC filling systems, screw screens, grit classifiers, compact sand washers, wastewater mini-treatment plants which are providing solutions to the requirements of customers.


The TOREX brand stands for powder and granular material handling equipment. TOREX ranks as a worldwide leading manufacturer of bulk solids handling equipment. Their telescopic loading bellows, their rotary and diverter valves, as well as their silo safety and monitoring components that represent the global benchmark in terms of price and quality.

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The EXTRAC division of WAMGROUP stands for extracting and discharging of powders and granular materials from bags, flexible intermediate bulk containers, hoppers, bins and silos.


The SEPCOM brand stands for innovative, industrially designed and manufactured machines and equipment for solids-liquid separation technology. These products include screw press separators, submersible chopper pumps, micro filters and submersible agitators. These products offer advanced solutions through a comprehensive range of machines and are the ideal solution to issues that relate to solids-liquid separation for a number of industries.

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Founded in 1978, SAVI is a worldwide market leader in engineering and manufacturing mechanical effluent pre-treatment equipment. Becoming a member of the WAMGROUP in 2014, the SAVI brand maintains its name which is synonymous for expertise and the ability to provide specific customised solutions in terms of machines and equipment in the area of waste water treatment technology.

One of our sister companies, Chain & Drives supplies a complete range of power transmission products and services. Established in 2006 to support industries through a range of products, they offer initial concept design of your project through to supply, installation and maintenance. Specialising in power transmission, bearings, linear motion and seals, gearboxes, motors and drives and custom engineered solutions to suit all your requirements.

Another division of MEG, Automation & Control are an exciting, innovative company specialising in robotics, automation, integration and control systems. Founded in 2015, Automation & Control thrive on delivering creative, customised automated solutions that help businesses improve on safety, efficiency with higher production rates and increased productivity while reducing labour costs.

Another sister company to Inquip, Techquip was established as the service and maintenance division of Mechanical Equipment Group. Founded in 2017, Techquip’s mission is the help keep workplaces efficient through reducing downtime, maximising the life of mechanical equipment and keep workplaces safe and operational. Specialising in industrial gearbox repairs and overhauls, silo repairs and servicing, dust collector repair, maintenance and reporting and conveyor installation and repairs.

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