The Magna-Plate high durability magnetic fastener combines an impact/abrasion resistant material embedded with powerful magnetic elements to fasten with ferrous and steel wear plate surfaces.


Inquip supply Kinder Australia’s K-Magna-Plate, the plate is a wear plate fastening and replacement system that dramatically reduces downtime, labour and material costs associated with abrasive material conveying. The K-Magna-Plate wear plate fastener eliminates fire hazards and time consuming welding, grinding and gouging associated with typical wear plate replacement.

Often corrosive materials produce a significant hazard in minerals processing plants, which operators are required to control. This combined with Australia’s harsh environmental conditions, can mean operators are often required to perform a plant shutdown until permanent solutions and fixes can be provided which is a long and costly process for the plant.

The magnetic properties are permanent and provide increased plate wear life and that is maintenance free.  The Magna-Plate can be used in most areas requiring wear protection.  They are especially beneficial in areas requiring more frequent change out of liners, since the time to install and change out is less than half that of traditional liners.


  • Quick and easy repair of worn steel
  • Requires no welding, grinding or gouging
  • Holds in place even under heavy impact
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • High chemical resistance


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