Loss-in-Weight Feeder

Loss-in-Weigh feeders are the ideal solution for accurate small volume capacity feed rate control of volumetric or gravimetric feeding systems.

Our range of Loss-in-weight can accommodate both small to medium feeding ranges, working with extreme precision under optimum ambient conditions. Loss-in-weight systems are flexible, can handle bulk solids, liquids and even poorly flowing products.

The DCC Loss-In-Weight Screw Feeder is positioned on an electronically operated scale pan mounted on load cells which enables the assessment of any variation in weight in time, adjusting the feed rate by varying the speed of both discharging and feeding device.


  • Continuous real-time controlling and adjustment depending on material flow (DCC Loss-In-Weight Feeder)
  • Feeding accuracy between 0.5 and 1.0%
  • Compact system with non-stick contact surfaces manufactured from stainless steel
  • Feed hoppers with different volume capacity
  • Batch or Continuous versions available


  • Quick integration into new or existing production processes;
  • Suitable for installation in battery configuration;
  • Easy to use, clean and maintain;
  • Minimum downtime during product replacement;
  • Highly reliable and durable;
  • Functional assessment


  • Plastics processing
  • Flour milling
  • Chemicals
  • Ceramics
  • Feed and foods


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